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Abdominoplasty, or commonly known as a tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic procedure to make the abdomen thinner and more firm by removing the excess fat and skin, and tighten the muscles of the abdomen wall. This procedure is taken up by people with sagging tissues or who are dealing with obesity. Nine times out of 10, loose skin on the stomach is the result of weight-loss or pregnancy, and the older you are when either of these events happens; the reason being albuminoidal and scleroprotein within the skin have knowledgeable some injury. Sun exposure may cause the standard of the skin to alter with time. Genetics are also partly answerable for skin-related changes yet.

Although, this procedure is one of the most popular approaches of giving the body a new look, there are certain misconceptions people have about the procedure. Few of the common myths are:

Tummy Tucks Are a Good Weight Loss Strategy

While there are weight loss surgeries designed to make your stomach smaller (i.e. gastric bypass surgery), a tummy tuck is not the same thing at all. The stomach is not involved at all, only the muscles, skin, and fat of the abdomen. While some fat can be removed during the procedure, the basic goal of a tummy tuck is not to excise large amounts of fat. Instead, a tummy tuck is performed to improve the contour of your abdominal area.

Abdominoplasty vs. Liposuction

The most sought after question on any person’s mind while considering a weight loss strategy is a war between Abdominoplasty and Liposuction. While the common thought is that both the procedures’ combined help gets you into that sculpted shape. Liposuction is used to chisel your abdomen by removing only excess fat from behind the abdomen; whereas a tummy tuck is used to remove the excess skin tissues. Depending on your body requirement and discretion, the doctor will suggest whether you need a liposuction along with your Tummy tuck or not.

Post -Surgery Weight Gain Doesn’t Effect Tummy Tucks

While an honest will provide you with an additional push toward reaching personal weight goals, you still need to make lifestyle changes in order to maintain or further results. Minimal weight gain are often OK once a Tummy Tuck, but anything more can cause some unfavorable physical results. A healthy diet and exercise regime will assist you maintain and improve your results.

Abdominoplasty after Pregnancy:

Another idea people have about this surgery, is that women cannot get pregnant after getting the procedure. The doctors generally advice woman to wait and get the procedure post pregnancy because, during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and stomach skin stretches out again, which makes the whole procedure unsatisfactory.

Tummy Tucks Recovery Time:

Many people feel that this procedure is only a minor surgery and has a minimal recovery period. With the surgery cutting out all the excess fat, skin and tissues, the body takes a considerable amount of time to heal within the next few weeks post-surgery.

These are a few of the myths that steer away people from getting this surgery. Consulting a good doctor will help you overcome all these myths and provide an insight into helping you get a stress-free procedure towards a healthy body and a chiseled look.



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