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Looking good is the best way to help yourself feel good” goes the saying. With the help of the latest technologies if plastic surgery, we can now solve our appearance related problems very easily.  These are available at the beauty salons or in jars of exclusively made beauty products which are kept ready for regular use. But, there are some long-term solutions with greater effectiveness that one can get from a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Facial implants are one such cosmetic solution which can help us in numerous ways.

Facial Implants generally involves one or more procedures including cheek implant surgery, chin implant surgery and fat injection into face and can be combined with face and neck lift and/or brow lift to give the face a better and more youthful appearance. Facial implants gives a person full and defined cheeks which are a sign of youth and beauty. But with time human face loses fat which causes the cheeks to become flat and saggy while the areas below the eyes to look hooded, sunken and long. Another reason for a flat look is congenital facial bone structure.

Whatever be the cause, a flat face can make you look unappealing and even older than your actual age. So, to achieve a youthful face that has more defined cheeks and a complete V-line face shape, a cheek implant is definitely an effective solution. Silicone and Gore-tex are the most popular facial implant materials which are used for cheek and they are proven as safe over the years. Those materials will add fullness and create a lifting effect on the face and cheeks. Facial implants are actually sculpted pieces of silicone that are placed in the chin or cheeks or jaw to enhance the contours of the face.


Are Facial Implants Right for You?

Facial implants are generally used to help strengthen a jawline or balance the chin or the cheekbones along with the rest of the face. This surgery will help you in correcting your self-image and if you are self-conscious about your appearance.

Implants may also help you fill out a face that appears "sunken" or tired. For example, the jaw implants can help strengthen the jawline that improves the proportions of the face. Chin implants can also add proportion or balance to a face. If an implant is placed over the cheekbones it will help restore a more youthful appearance in some patients.

With the advances that have been made to the techniques of cosmetic surgery in the last decade on the aspects of devices and materials, facial implants are becoming more and more common. Facial implants works best for people who are otherwise in good health, without any active diseases or serious, pre-existing medical conditions. A good plastic surgeon usually uses facial implants to balance the features in a younger patient, while in a more mature patients it is used in conjunction with another cosmetic procedures.


Benefits of Facial Implants

Here are the various benefits of facial implants.

1. Augmentation

One of the primary benefits of using facial implants is they help in significantly augmenting all your facial features, especially your cheeks area. For example if you have a weak chin which seems slightly flat or you have too chubby cheeks, then implants can be a good option which will help you in giving better shape so that our facial features are well augmented with better definition and fullness. This will provide a fine balance to your overall appearance thereby making your face much more attractive.

2. Reconstruction

Sometimes, we tend to lose the shape and definition of our features owing to age and weight. There are some other factors as well like a stressful lifestyle where eating and sleeping patterns are not up to the mark as they should be. In such a scenario, you can think of reconstructing the facial features, which restores the contours by bringing back the original proportions of the face. This will also make the implanted features look like they really fit in with your face adding to your aesthetic value in the long run.

3. Rejuvenate

Implants can also help you in rejuvenating and adding a fresh feel to your overall appearance. With the help of these facial implants, you can bring back the definition between the areas like the jaw and the chin, along with the cheeks so that your face looks more well-proportioned and younger.

4. Correct deficiencies

If you are suffering from any facial deficiencies like not having the desired contours or defined facial features or both of them, then you can surely think of using facial implants. Silicone facial implants will make your face contoured in a way that will fix these imperfections in your jaw, chin and cheeks. This will give you a more polished look.

5. Facial symmetry

One of the best benefits of facial implants is the fact that it renders greater symmetry to your face. After this procedure, your face will actually have features set in a proportionate line which creates a pleasing and perfect look. If you feel you cheeks are too large or your chin and jaw are literally merging in with each other, then a facial implant will help in bringing in greater symmetry for your face. These procedures are also quite quick to perform. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a cosmetic physician.


About the Procedure

There are several implants available. Implants may be manufactured from a variety of materials, including silicone or other substances. There is no evidence to suspect that silicone implants cause any disease. Your surgeon will consult with you and discuss recommendations for the type of implant to use.

During cheek implant surgery, your surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth or along the lower eyelid, creating a pocket into which the implant is inserted. If another cosmetic procedure, such as a face lift or eyelid surgery is being performed at the same time, your surgeon may insert the implants through those incisions.

During a chin implant procedure, the surgeon inserts the implant into a pocket in front of the jawbone. The surgeon makes an incision on either inside of the mouth along the lower lip or just below the chin area.

During a jaw implant procedure, the surgeon makes incisions for the implant on either side of the lower lip.


Postoperative care

A course of oral antibiotics is prescribed postoperatively. These patients are occasionally placed into a compression facial garment to reduce swelling and to prevent a postoperative hematoma. Immediately after surgery, there is mild bruising, swelling and tenderness in the cheek regions. You will be instructed to place ice on the cheeks intermittently for the first 24 hours while maintaining a soft diet and not smoking.

It is common for movement of the upper lip region to be both sluggish and numb immediately after the surgery. This is a consequence of nerves "stretching" in this region. All healing takes time, and complete uncomplicated healing of swelling, bruising and numbness can take 2-3 months.



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